We are all different, with some basic common premises, which is why I try to be as flexible as I can. We human beings have two basic social needs that may be in conflict; one is the need to belong, and the other is the equally strong need to express ourselves as individuals. In the effort to feel included we may come to pay too high a price so that self expression is compromised; our social selves can come to suppress our individual selves, and this is always detrimental. The important thing then is to establish or reestablish psychological balance, and the task of a therapist is, in my opinion, to provide as many perspectives and ideas as possible in order to achieve this objective. Sometimes it is necessary to develop immediate strategies to deal with difficult situations that tend to get the better of one, while at other times it can be more profitable to look at the past and try to disclose conflicts that have got in the way of  individual expression. Sometimes it is best just to have someone there who sees and hears; there is something strongly healing in saying out loud something that otherwise remains within. It’s all about finding and claiming one’s own needs and will (“I am” and “I want” are close neighbours), and to see how one has come to give too little priority to one’s own impulses. My objective is to provide as many new perspectives and ideas, across the broadest spectrum as I possibly can so that my clients get what they need in order to thrive.